Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Good Morning...

     Surprise! I'm actually adding a post! Amazing, huh? I'm in the midst of starting a new story and editing The Falls: Italian Connection for paperback. Busy as usual. I'm patterned. Writing in the morning while i eat breakfast, edit in the afternoon after my wife Carolyn and I eat lunch and watch a show or movie we have taped. I have been painting all the trim and doors, giving them a fresh new look. A little bit every day. 

I have found that this last bout with an upper respiratory infection has left me a bit sort on stamina and breath. Took awhile to get over and two different antibiotics and steroids along with nebulizing treatments. My lungs are weak from having asthma since I was five and living back in Vermont for the first forty-four years of my life. I try not to let that keep me from doing the things I like and need to do.

Enough about that. You would think that after writing 46 volumes on The Falls I would be running out of ideas and energy. But not so far. The little town is my special place. A plan e where the folks live and laugh and love and even though they might squabble, they always support each other in the end. Considering what the world is really like right now...it's a calming place to go.

Hope your days are special. Stay safe, Covid isn't done with us yet, so use your common sense.

May the dragons watch over you all...


Tuesday, May 3, 2022


      I know...I know...it's been forever. Lots of work, lots of stuff going on with Covid, new babies, trips to the ER and other stuff thrown it. Just stopping by to let you know that book 47 The Falls: Assassin is out in Kindle and that book 42 The Falls Vandalism and Heraldry is out in paperback! Hope you are all doing well.

      We took several trips last fall and winter, masks, wiping everything down and were lucky not to contract anything. As this new year begins to define itself, I must tell you how heartbroken I am for Ukraine. The brutality and cruelty of Putin shocks and reviles me. Better the man hand never been born. As you know, my stories always aim for happy endings. I truly believe that's the world should be...and could be if people did the right things.

        We need to stick together...the majority off decent, caring people, and stand up to the bullies, the thugs and the dictators in all phases of our lives. If I had my wish...we would all stand in front of those less fortunate and weak and protect them.

          Until the next time...love reading, care about people and may the dragons watch over you...


Sunday, May 2, 2021

 Good News!

     The 42nd volume of The Falls small town mystery series is now in the Kindle Store! The Falls: Vandalism and Heraldry is now available in the digital version at Amazon.com! The folks in The Falls and I sure hope you like it!

     The paperback version of Book 39, The Falls: Special Delivery, should be available in a couple of weeks! The folks from The Falls and I have just begun to collaborate on Book 43, The Falls: Italian Connection.

     Stay safe...and from the people in West Sugar Shack Falls and me...hope you enjoy the new story!

     May the dragons watch over you...

Monday, April 12, 2021

 Dear Friends and Readers of The Falls,

     I do apologize for such a long time in-between posts. I won't blame it on Covid, because it's the fault of an old writer trying to balance a number of balls at the same time. Me. At this moment I am working on Book #42 in The Falls small town mystery series while editing the paperback version of #39, Special Delivery and transferring #40, The Reckoning onto a template for paperback publication. Not to mention playing with my new pole cutter and planting beans, squash and tomatoes.

     The folks in The Falls are quietly going about getting their vaccinations and wearing their masks. The town council has decreed that masks will be worn at all times and that social distancing will be strictly enforced. They didn't really need to because the folks in The Falls are a common sense and caring group as a general rule and they all knew it was the best interest of everyone. No protestors here. 

     We are nearly 93% vaccinated completely now and only 16 people have had the virus. Of those two dies. Merl Harrison, 89 from just down the road outside the village and Dedra Murphy, 47, who worked at the Feed and Seed. They will be missed.

     We hope all of you are taking the right precautions and doing what's responsible for everyone around you. We're sure you are. After all, unless I'm terribly mistaken, you like The Falls and are one of us in heart and mind.

     The baby birds in the nest in our shrub by the front door had a rough time with the storm yesterday. Carolyn and I are hoping they are okay.

     I promise I will work at leaving smaller gaps between posts. My apologies once again. Stay safe. Take care of those you love and return to The Falls whenever you can!

     Our love and thoughts,

     George and The Folks from The Falls.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Just Published!
     The Falls: Special Delivery, 39th in The Falls small town mystery series, was published as an ebook yesterday, July 29th! The folks in The Falls and I are hoping you'll enjoy it. On the paperback end of the business, TheFalls: Deadly Deviation (#37), is now out in paperback. 
     Covid 19 has been keeping us all a bit on the nervous side. I have diabetes, asthma and am 72, so I'm a triple threat possible customer for the bug. I had something in January and February...upper respiratory...that knocked me for a loop. Never been so sick. My wife and I are wondering if that was the Corona virus.
     The world seems to be crazy right now, between the election and Covid and trying to understand why people seem to be so mean-spirited to each other. That kind of attitude wouldn't fly in The Falls. The folks would sit 'em down and have a long talk with the offending parties.
     My advice...keep caring about the ones you love. Be kind. Find other things to keep you from watching too much news coverage and listening to politicians who don't really care about anything but their re-elections.
     In the meantime...the folks in The Falls and I are here for you. Enjoy the new book and remember...make the world a little nicer for others each and every day!
     May the dragons watch over you... 

Friday, March 20, 2020

Corona Virus
     We now have a new normal. My wife and I are sheltering in place. We are both in our mid-seventies and I have asthma and issues with my lungs. We are trying to stay to do what all Americans need to do...stay away from people and not spread the possibility of contracting the coronavirus.
     It's a scary time...for all of us. We need to be kind. We need to be patient and we need to listen to the scientists, not the politicians. We need to stay home and wait it out. When we do go out we take precautions. Like yesterday. My wife went to the grocery store. When she came back, I got my gloves on and went out to the garage...wiped down each item before bringing it in. Then mu wife sprayed down the bags she used to bring them home with Lysol. She also sprayed Lysol in the inside of the car.
     The new normal. But it will take everyone doing those kinds of things to make the virus slow down and eventually run its course. If only some of us do that while others go out and do whatever they want, it will take much longer. And those that disobey the rules the scientists are telling us will threaten the lives of many more by their actions.
     Stay safe. Everyone. Do your part. The folks in The Falls would. I have it on good authority.
     May the dragons watch over you all...

Sunday, February 23, 2020

I know, I know...
     Its been a long time since I signed in here. That was mostly due to people visiting and a long illness, but mostly I simply was writing and doing a bunch of other things. No excuse. I have been derelict. Fir that I apologize. I will try and be better.
    As of this moment,  I'm on the 38th story out of The Falls. The 37th is in digital form and the paperback versions are complete up to the first 36 books. The folks in The Falls are all doing well, with a few exceptions which you will find out about as you peek in on their lives.
     I have a Book Fair at a local library this Saturday from 10-1 o'clock. The Lewis Library in Port St Lucie. There will be quite a few other local authors showing along with me. If you get a chance, come and check it out.
     I mentioned in passing that I had been sick. Whatever it was hit my lungs, targeting my asthma and allergies and I was in bad shape for about six weeks. Never had anything like it in my life. For those of you out there that haven't got your flu and pneumonia shots...do it. These new strains of airborne bugs are nasty. The more you can be immunized against any of it, the better. I honestly thought at one point that there wouldn't be any more Falls novels.
     On a lighter note (sarcasm)...I want to say one word. VOTE! When the primaries and general elections reach your state...please, please, please get out and vote. I truly believe there are lots more decent, caring Americans out there that don't vote who WILL make a difference. My wife and I work the polls every two years. All of us together will make a better decision on who is best to govern us. Thank you...
     Take care, each and every one of you...and know I appreciate you...and so do the folks in The Falls. May the dragons watch over you...

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Falls: A Test of Friendship
     Okay...the new story is about to be published. The Falls: A Test of Friendship, Volume 36 of The Falls small town mystery series, will be in the Kindle store in a day or two. A few weeks later it will be paperback. This story starts off with Jeremy and Sylvia Jean graduating from the University of Maine and coming home to start careers. Sylvia Jean is working at a financial firm and Jeremy has converted an old barn into a workshop to produce his cutting edge design snow boards and surf boards. He's hired some college friends and some people from the town. Trouble is: at least one of them is a spy for a rival sporting goods firm who desperately wants Jeremy's designs. 
     Reggie Clark finds out that he had a daughter! She's coming to visit! Hope you like Miss Irie Clark! A name from the past has decided to visit town as well. Ichabod Wren the librarian from the University of Maine had come to town as well! He's excited to visit his tow friends Jeremy and Sylvia jean and wants to spend time with his old mentor, Eunice McAllister as well.
     Follow your favorite characters and enjoy the story! Return to The Falls! It'll be great to have you back! May the dragons watch over you...

Thursday, July 18, 2019

     Okay...I admit it. I have neglected the blog. Sighs. But I have been busy writing and editing. The 35th story in The Falls small town mystery series, Rogan's Creed is out there digitally and will soon be there in paperback. I'm also about three-quarter of the way through the next story! 
     Since I've last blogged...I have also edited and published the second of The Dragon World's series, Dragon World: The Gathering in both Kindle and paperback! Stories filled with dragons, sensual barbarians, gallant warriors, magicians and dark sorcery as well as smart and assertive female dragonriders and warriors!
     We have also been back to the NE (Vermont) to celebrate mystery sister Ann's 50th year as being a member of the local art museum (Chaffee) and visit with the inlaws and outlaws! We also went to our granddaughter Chelsea's graduation at Boston University! She's headed for Granada and vet school.
     It's hotter than blazes here in Port St Lucie. The good thing is no hurricanes yet. Fingers crossed. Hopefully all of you are having wonderful, enjoyable and productive summers. 'Til the next time.
     May the dragons watch over all of you...

Friday, January 25, 2019

New Story Just Released!
     Just released...The Falls: Sisters of Purple Prose, in digital version at the Amazon Store! Hope you enjoy it! Already starting the 35th story of the Falls. But I have bigger news. I'm going to start another series, writing them both at the same time. Not sure of the title of the series yet, but it will be about an inn in the Green Mountians where mysteries start and the everyday citizens who help unravel them. There will even be some carryover of characters between The Falls and this new series.
     May the dragons watch over you...

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

'Tis the Season
     The warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season from the folks in The Falls and me. As you might expect, the holiday season in The Falls is a time of warmth, caring and excitement. A time to share time with each other, care about those around you, and take time to care about those who are less fortunate.
     It's too bad that isn't the way it is in many other places around the world. As this holiday season moves along, if there was one thing that each of us could do to make it even more special...it would be to reach out and touch the ones we love. Play with a child, read to someone who needs it. Go sledding, make snowmen and snow angels with your kids and grand kids. Sing carols and drink hot chocolate. Exchange memories with loved ones. Remember those that are gone and talk about them to those who remember and love them still. Walk in the snow, share a cup of coffee, laugh and shed a tear with a loved one. Reach out...make it personal. Share your time and love this holiday season. Don't let the Christmas spirit pass you by. Give the gift of you...
     Okay...down off the soap box. I'm in the process of writing the 34th volume in The Falls saga. We see our 'friends' Luke Olsen and Bjorn 'Hades' Svenson show back up along with the continuation of the the visit of the sisters of purple prose.There's an accident that happens that makes everyone stop and realize how precious their lives are as well as the usual appearance of many of your old favorites.
     The editing of the paperback version of the 33rd story, The Falls: Confession, is coming along. (About 60% done) You will notice when it comes out that the usual format of the cover is changed. Tha's because CreateSpace no longer allows people to publish books there. Which I was quite upset with in the beginning because I liked the signature format of all the covers. But I guess in the long run it will be good because it consolidates my Kindle and paperback books in one place, Kindle Direct Publishing. KDP for short. But for now, if I struggle at first with cover design...just attribute it to Jeb and Zeke messin' around! 
     I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season. You can see the pictures of Christmas around our house if you become friends with me on facebook. Look for George Jackson. And for now, from Carolyn, me, the folks at The Falls, and the elves...have the Merriest of Christmases and Happy Holiday Season! 
     We appreciate and love you all!