Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Falls: A Test of Friendship
     Okay...the new story is about to be published. The Falls: A Test of Friendship, Volume 36 of The Falls small town mystery series, will be in the Kindle store in a day or two. A few weeks later it will be paperback. This story starts off with Jeremy and Sylvia Jean graduating from the University of Maine and coming home to start careers. Sylvia Jean is working at a financial firm and Jeremy has converted an old barn into a workshop to produce his cutting edge design snow boards and surf boards. He's hired some college friends and some people from the town. Trouble is: at least one of them is a spy for a rival sporting goods firm who desperately wants Jeremy's designs. 
     Reggie Clark finds out that he had a daughter! She's coming to visit! Hope you like Miss Irie Clark! A name from the past has decided to visit town as well. Ichabod Wren the librarian from the University of Maine had come to town as well! He's excited to visit his tow friends Jeremy and Sylvia jean and wants to spend time with his old mentor, Eunice McAllister as well.
     Follow your favorite characters and enjoy the story! Return to The Falls! It'll be great to have you back! May the dragons watch over you...

Thursday, July 18, 2019

     Okay...I admit it. I have neglected the blog. Sighs. But I have been busy writing and editing. The 35th story in The Falls small town mystery series, Rogan's Creed is out there digitally and will soon be there in paperback. I'm also about three-quarter of the way through the next story! 
     Since I've last blogged...I have also edited and published the second of The Dragon World's series, Dragon World: The Gathering in both Kindle and paperback! Stories filled with dragons, sensual barbarians, gallant warriors, magicians and dark sorcery as well as smart and assertive female dragonriders and warriors!
     We have also been back to the NE (Vermont) to celebrate mystery sister Ann's 50th year as being a member of the local art museum (Chaffee) and visit with the inlaws and outlaws! We also went to our granddaughter Chelsea's graduation at Boston University! She's headed for Granada and vet school.
     It's hotter than blazes here in Port St Lucie. The good thing is no hurricanes yet. Fingers crossed. Hopefully all of you are having wonderful, enjoyable and productive summers. 'Til the next time.
     May the dragons watch over all of you...

Friday, January 25, 2019

New Story Just Released!
     Just released...The Falls: Sisters of Purple Prose, in digital version at the Amazon Store! Hope you enjoy it! Already starting the 35th story of the Falls. But I have bigger news. I'm going to start another series, writing them both at the same time. Not sure of the title of the series yet, but it will be about an inn in the Green Mountians where mysteries start and the everyday citizens who help unravel them. There will even be some carryover of characters between The Falls and this new series.
     May the dragons watch over you...

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

'Tis the Season
     The warmest wishes for a wonderful holiday season from the folks in The Falls and me. As you might expect, the holiday season in The Falls is a time of warmth, caring and excitement. A time to share time with each other, care about those around you, and take time to care about those who are less fortunate.
     It's too bad that isn't the way it is in many other places around the world. As this holiday season moves along, if there was one thing that each of us could do to make it even more would be to reach out and touch the ones we love. Play with a child, read to someone who needs it. Go sledding, make snowmen and snow angels with your kids and grand kids. Sing carols and drink hot chocolate. Exchange memories with loved ones. Remember those that are gone and talk about them to those who remember and love them still. Walk in the snow, share a cup of coffee, laugh and shed a tear with a loved one. Reach out...make it personal. Share your time and love this holiday season. Don't let the Christmas spirit pass you by. Give the gift of you...
     Okay...down off the soap box. I'm in the process of writing the 34th volume in The Falls saga. We see our 'friends' Luke Olsen and Bjorn 'Hades' Svenson show back up along with the continuation of the the visit of the sisters of purple prose.There's an accident that happens that makes everyone stop and realize how precious their lives are as well as the usual appearance of many of your old favorites.
     The editing of the paperback version of the 33rd story, The Falls: Confession, is coming along. (About 60% done) You will notice when it comes out that the usual format of the cover is changed. Tha's because CreateSpace no longer allows people to publish books there. Which I was quite upset with in the beginning because I liked the signature format of all the covers. But I guess in the long run it will be good because it consolidates my Kindle and paperback books in one place, Kindle Direct Publishing. KDP for short. But for now, if I struggle at first with cover design...just attribute it to Jeb and Zeke messin' around! 
     I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful holiday season. You can see the pictures of Christmas around our house if you become friends with me on facebook. Look for George Jackson. And for now, from Carolyn, me, the folks at The Falls, and the elves...have the Merriest of Christmases and Happy Holiday Season! 
     We appreciate and love you all!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Process Changes...
     Just to let you know, my paperbacks are now going to be published on Kindle (KDP) rather than CreateSpace. For some reason, CreateSpace had me convert all of my paperbacks over to Kindle and I now can't create them on CreateSpace anymore. Was CreateSpace taken over by KDP? Have no idea. But what I will tell you is that the familiar cover design that I've used for quite awhile will be changed now. KDP has very limited cover design bear with me. This will be a learning experience for all of us.
     Just published The Falls: Confession in digital form...number 33! And I'm working on getting the paperback format out as soon as I can figurer out the new system. Having the paperback and digital formats on one site is a good thing. I'll figure the rest out.
Oh yes, I have a new character in the last digital book, Karen Small from Wales. Karen won a prize in one of the Facebook book promotion sites and that was to be in one of my books. Actually though, I've decided to keep her on as the owner of a stitchery and craft shop in The Falls. Feels right. Congratulations Karen! Hope you enjoy your own adventures!
     May the dragons watch over you...

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Autumn...? autumn in Florida is like summer everywhere else. I get it. But from someone who is tired of the least it sounds good...and I can hope. Currently, I'm about two thirds of the way through the 33rd Falls series story. It's a story about a man who deserves to be shot with a crossbow bolt in the back of the neck...and he is. Perhaps that's a bit aggressive...but either Jeb or Zeke would tell you that with a straight face without a second thought about it.
     I'm editing The Falls: Body in the Rectory, for the final time in paperback. Also editing the first of the Dragon World series. Dragon World: Dragon Magic. It's finally time to bring them out and dust 'em off and get them in paperback. Dragon riders in the sky! Sure wish I had one!
     Within a couple of weeks, all the first 32 books of The Falls series will be in paperback. Just got finished editing all the covers. I'm getting there. I admit to being not a great techie. I find myself lost in the technology at times. I'm just an old storyteller. I keep telling people that. But as an Indie author, I have to be an editor, a publicist, a blogger, a cover artist and a few dozen other things. I do the best I can.
     I'd like the fans that follow The Falls, I truly appreciate your kindness and loyalty. Means a lot. Until next time...May the dragons watch over you...

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Falls: First Dance
     The 32nd story in The Falls small town mystery series, The Falls: First Dance, is being published. However, the Kindle version had a snafu. Somehow the last two chapters weren't included in the original submission to Kindle. I have since fixed the problem. But if anyone got a copy of the truncated version, please let me know and I will send you a MOBI file of the finished version. (Use my writer email: My sincere apologies for any inconvenience. 
     I always worry about this kind of thing happening and check multiple times, but I guess 'stuff' happens to everyone at one point or another. Here's hoping that you enjoy the tale and even remember your first dance. 
     May the dragons watch over you... 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Extractions and Implants...
     Okay...had a capped tooth break off and went to the dentist. Figured at the most they would drill a hole put a new metal post in and glue it back on, right. No. That tooth and the tooth next to it were decaying inside. Had to have them both extracted and screws put in my jaw for implants. Let me tell you...not a fun occasion. Luckily, the dentist I had at our local dental office does just mostly those kind of things. Did a great job.
     I'm eating on one side, again, waiting for the stitches to come out of my gums in a couple of weeks. Soft foods. Anything you can cut with a knife. Not so bad really. But I have had so much work on my teeth that I am way past tired of it. Fifth or sixth implant. I lost count.
     If I were in The Falls, the McClain sisters would treat me to ice cream and Federman would ply me with warm donuts. Then Grandma Burman would march in and tell me to take it like a man, after which she would give me a kindhearted hug. Jeb and Zeke would eagerly pass the gossip around about my oral surgery and feel very proud they were the first to do so.
     Small towns. Everybody knows everybody's business. Speaking of The Falls, I'm three-quarters of the way done on book 32 and am in the process of getting The Falls: One Friday Night ready for paperback form.
   Went up to Connecticut to see our granddaughter Kylie married in a rustic barn setting. Beautiful. Even got a ride in a horse and carriage. Our family's three new babies, Alexis, Mason and Maverick are doing marvelously and are as cute as can be! When you look at it that way, problems with your teeth don't seem so bad. Priorities, right?
     May the dragons watch over you ,,,

Monday, April 23, 2018

It's Here!

The Falls: The Body in the Rectory: Book 31 (The Falls small town mystery series) by [Jackson, George]

It's Here! The Falls: The Body in the Rectory, 31st story in The Falls small town mystery series, is available at The Kindle Store,! Jeb, Zeke and the whole darn town are waiting for you to come and return to The Falls!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Almost Here...
     Guess what's almost here? Yup...the 31st in The Falls small town mystery series. The Falls: Body in the Rectory. You can bet that Father Flynn O'Flaherty is upset to find a dead body behind the settee when he comes home after Bingo one night. Little does he know that the reason for the murder dates back to when he was a boy back in Ireland. 
     Also in the works is the paperback version of The Falls: The Manuscript. I've edited the proof print version, now it's sitting on Carolyn's table to be edited by her. Here's hoping we get both published in the shortest time possible. 
     It's turning hot here in Florida. I know...those of you in the northeast don't want to hear that. Sorry. I'd ship out boxes of sun and warmth if I could. never seems to work very well. We have a raised bed and are enjoying the tomatoes we grow there. Sorry once again. But you all get really great corn and apples in the fall. 
     I bought a new 27" iMac to go with my five year old iMac. Transferred everything g over and I'm using them both. Making sure I never lose any stories, covers, etc. I know...I know...a bit anal. But they are 'my babies'. I'm sure you can understand.
     May the dragons watch over all...   

Sunday, April 1, 2018

A Very Happy Easter!
     This Easter, Carolyn and I wish you all a very warm, wonderful Easter filled with family, friends and love. Reach out to those who need your love and care. Smile, laugh and reminisce with those you love. Kiss your kids, grandkids and great grand babies. Listen to someone who needs to talk. Sing with someone who needs a little cheer. Cry with someone who feels real pain. Read a book to a child. Be that person who brings a little happiness and joy into someone else's life.
     Happy Easter...and watch out for those brown mushy eggs...from all the folks at The Falls...and me of course!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

One Friday night, as the folks from The Falls were just leaning forward in their seats at the local high school stadium, the unthinkable happened. Follow Sheriff Cash Green, Deputies Ericka Yamato and Horace Scofield as well as Doc Stone and Meg Monroe as they begin to sort out the incident none of them will ever forget...The Falls: One Friday Night...